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What we do

Mostly everything you can find in a bike shop as a service, but with a boost.

Electric Conversion

A conversion electric kit for a bike is a set of components designed to transform a traditional pedal bicycle into an electric bike (e-bike). Typically, these kits include an electric motor, battery pack, controller, and associated wiring and hardware

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Maintenance and repair

Maintenance & repair

Our maintenance and repair services include tune-ups, wheel truing, brake and gear adjustments, flat tire repairs, drivetrain maintenance, suspension service, frame inspections, accessory installations, and custom builds/upgrades. Expert mechanics perform these tasks to ensure bikes are safe, efficient, and tailored to customers' needs and preferences.

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Our expert staff assist customers in creating unique bikes that reflect their style, performance goals, and riding preferences for a truly personalized cycling experience.

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Conversion Kit

What we have for you

Discover the ultimate electric conversion kit, revolutionizing your ride into a sustainable powerhouse. Our cutting-edge kit seamlessly transforms your vehicle into an eco-friendly marvel, offering effortless installation and unparalleled performance. Experience the future of transportation today with our meticulously crafted solution, designed to electrify your journey with style and efficiency.

What they say about us!

"The biggest surprise was discovering how much I tripped during my commute!

Flying away so easily on my electric-assist bike is not far from the greatest feeling of freedom I've ever experienced. And the beauty of it is that I have access to it every day! Who can claim to feel free, truly free, if only for a few moments a day?" (Free translation from french)

  • Éloïse, 2023

" Recently retired, I decided to get back into cycling in Sherbrooke. I've covered over 2000 km on the region's roads, discovering small villages and beautiful country roads while modulating my efforts. The electric-assist bike allows me to exercise more often, for longer and to go further. I don't regret my choice. " (Free translation from french)

  • Mario, 2023

"I was really impressed by the quality and efficiency of the motor! I rode through mud, rain and hiking trails, and I felt that the motor was really tough! I climbed hills of over 10% on rocks without any problem! With the state of my knee, I could never have done this trip without the electric assistance. It was a truly incredible experience!" (Free translation from french)

  • Émilie, 2023

Who we Are

We're passionate about bikes and have been serving the community since the beginning! Our experienced and dedicated team is always on hand to advise you and help you find the perfect bike to suit your needs. We also offer a full range of repair and maintenance services to keep your bike in top condition. Visit us today and discover the joys of cycling!

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Ready to electrify your ride? Contact us today for expert guidance on electric conversions or schedule a visit to experience our conversion kits firsthand. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the sustainable transportation revolution. Get in touch now and start your journey towards an eco-friendly future!